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We have over 7 years of work history together and I trust every one of my projects in the hands of CP Contractors!
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Phil Satterfield

Craig, I wanted to write you and thank you for the excellent work you have done for us on "many, many" jobs.

Specifically your work at Columbia-West in El Paso, TX, allowing the project to open on time. Actually you should have gotten an expression of appreciation not only from Hill-Rom, but from the general contractor, the architect and the hospital.

I know that you literally worked some 20 hour days to make Columbia-West "happen". Your efforts went a long way to save and protect the Hill-Rom image on this job.

You and I have discussed how your being involved on a job greatly shortens the installation time and upholds the Hill-Rom product quality by making sure our products are installed properly.

It may be from a selfish point of view that I appreciate your involvement on a project as my travel to and time at the jobsite is greatly reduced.

Thanks again, Craig

Phil Satterfield
Senior Sales Engineer
Hill-Rom Co.