Anne-Marie Sandillo, RN

We have over 7 years of work history together and I trust every one of my projects in the hands of CP Contractors!
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Seismic Anchoring

Considering the vast and ongoing earthquake occurrences in California, per the United States Geological Survey, it is essential that CP Contractors, Inc. continues to efficiently perform SEISMIC ANCHORING services in hospitals and medical centers throughout the surrounding areas. Moreover, it is important that this specialized work be done with care and precision from trained professionals, the first time.

CP Contractors, Inc. has over 25 years of experience with MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and SEISMIC ANCHORING, as well as OSHPD requirements at all levels and consulting services in anchoring new and existing equipment. CP Contractors, Inc. will manufacture brackets and provide anchoring kits, perform tethering, or will delegate our most proficient crew members to anchor the necessary equipment.

Vendor Equipment Anchoring

Pre-manufactured Anchoring Kits

Custom Brackets and Anchoring Kits

A. Wall
B. Floor
C. Wheeled Equipment Seismic Brackets
D. Tethering